Off-road Camper for pickups

With the Khaya Camper, Alu-Cab has developed one of the most compact and innovative campers for pickup vehicles. Due to the compact dimensions and the lightweight, yet sturdy Aluminium construction, full off-road capabilities are available, when required. For the first time ever, experiences from the commercial safari rental business in South Africa have been combined with the requirements brought by European weather conditions.

The Khaya Camper has everything on board to venture for a longer time outside of civilization. In the raised roof it offers a comfortable double bed for two people. Inside the camper is space for a compact 2-burner gas hob, sink, refrigerator, seating and plenty of storage space. Four large compartments to be used outside, offer space for kitchen, camping, travel and mountain equipment. A mobile gas cooker on a hanging table allows you to cook outdoors. The 270° Awning keeps you covered in rain or shine. If necessary, the awning can be converted into a 10m² tent area with side walls.

The small dimensions of the Khaya and the off-road capability of modern pickups with all-wheel drive, reduction gearboxes and powerful engines make virtually any destination possible with the Khaya. The low structure with a low centre of gravity lends a higher speed, sportier driving unimaginable in previous motorhomes. The drive off cabin has a height of only 141cm. This results in a total height of 230cm, depending on the carrier vehicle.

Standard cabin

The Khaya Drive Off cabin already has extensive basic equipment. It can be supplied with additional Alu-Cab equipment packages and options or can be upgraded individually by the customer. It can also be used immediately for travel in the basic configuration, albeit with restrictions.

The bottom of the camper is covered in vinyl. The interior and all compartments have been carpeted. This is for insulation, as well as comfort and reduces rattling noises drastically.

Entrance to the camper is through the upwardly opening rear door and a fold-out ladder. The rear door can be equipped with zippered pockets. A mosquito net is also available for the entrance.

The length of the cabin is 2m without rear attachments. If you include the roof truss it is 2.77m. The width below is 1.30m and over the side compartments 1.85m. The total height is 1.41m, under the stem 1.17m. The cabin is equipped with LED taillights as the cabin protrudes at the rear over the loading area and covers the lighting of the vehicle on the side. A canister and a spare wheel can be mounted on the rear. A spade with holder is also available for the side flap.

The standard cabin has a weight of 340kg, fully equipped with all extras, the weight with empty tanks and without equipment is approx. 490kg. The cabin is lifted by means of crank supports.

Rooftop Tent

There is a comfortable sleeping area of 40 x 200cm in the roof opening at the top. For more space in the cabin, this can be partly folded up when the roof is open. A 75mm thick and high-density foam mattress ensures a comfortable sleep. The cover can be removed by its’ zipper.

Three large openings with mosquito nets provide light and ventilation. The rear window comes with a taut roofing for rain and sun protection. The 400g/m² tent is waterproof and UV-resistant. The rip-lock equipment prevents cuts from tearing further. All seams are sealed. For a more comfortable indoor temperature, the roof is insulated.


On the right side of the cabin is the platform for a fridge or freezer, followed by the kitchen module with a two-burner gas cooker, a sink with a glass lid (Dometic HSG 2445) and two drawers. The front right outer compartment serves as a shaft for a gas bottle. The large, left-hand side is divided into several sections and is designed to hold dishes and cooking equipment. The compartment can also be accessed from the inside via a flap. In order to cook outdoors, the portable gas cooker can be placed on the hanging table.

Awning and Side Walls

On the left side, a 270° Awning can be attached, and is very easy to put up. This covers the side as well as the stern of the cabin and offers a 10m² large weather-protected area. The awning can be converted into a tent with side walls. A rain gutter covers the area between the cab rear and the awning.

Table and Chairs

In the front area, an Aluminium table is stowed below the cab extension. Two compact folding chairs can be found in the cabin.

Water, Shower and Bathroom

An 80 Liters fresh water tank and a wastewater tank have been installed in the perfect location. Hot water is provided via a boiler.

In front of the right rear door of the double cabin, the frame for the outdoor shower cubicle is pulled out at the top, and the shower curtain is then connected to the line. The shower and hose can be found in the right front side flap. This clever placement makes it easy to put clothes in the car during your shower.

Inside the cabin is sufficient storage space for a portable toilet.

Electrical Equipment

The campers are powered by a separate auxiliary battery. Thus, the starter battery is prevented from deep-discharging the refrigerator which drain the vehicles battery. With a solar panel on the roof, the additional battery is continually recharged from the sunshine, so that there is also electricity for lights and a fridge, even during long periods without driving. The battery can be connected with 230 Volt AC using an integrated charger. The electrical installation is housed in the front, left pocket.

The interior and all external compartments can be equipped with LED lights. In the sleeping area two swan-neck LED reading lights have been installed. In the kitchen and the roof is a USB charging socket. An inverter provides 230 Volt AC.

Storage and Roof Rack

Although at first glance you may not suspect it, the camper provides a lot of storage space. Inside, there are stowage compartments at the front top, on the left under the seat and on the right below the cooler with sturdy tent fabric, which are closed and can be opened with a zipper. Under the kitchen counters are two drawers. The roof tent also offers space for clothes and other small items. Outside, on both sides of the vehicle are a small and a large storage areas, separated by a partition, shelves and fabric doors.

An Aluminium storage box can be installed on the cross-beam over the double pickup truck. In Africa, this typically used for firewood. On the standard cargo rails of the roof, transverse beams can be mounted to transport bicycles, kayaks or surfboards etc. You can walk on the roof, and a telescopic ladder is also available. The dynamic roof load is 50kg, the static 150kg.