tiltable Fridge Slide

Refrigerator and freezer boxes are often stored in off-road vehicles and pickups on a drawer system. With a conventional pull-out, the problem often arises that you can no longer look into the cooler. Especially users of lifted vehicles, women or children know the problem. In the case of rear or hardtop doors that open upwards, the lid of the cooler often cannot be opened completely, especially if it is attached to the long side of the fridge.

The Alu-Cab Aluminium fridge slide unit solves this problem. After a robust locking mechanism has been opened, the ball-bearing extension can be pulled out and folded down once a catch has been overcome. Due to its sturdy construction, the pull-out does not require any support.

The easiest method of attaching the fridge is with a ratchet strap, pulling it through the two loops in the pull-out panel and over the handles of the fridge. Holes can also be drilled directly into the pull-out plate.

The fridge slide is available in three sizes:

For fridges carrying up to approx. 50 Litres volume

Inside dimensions:
43 x 70.5cm

Overall dimensions:
53 x 78 x 5.5cm

For fridges carrying up to approx. 60 Litres volume

Inside dimensions:
49 x 78.5cm

Overall dimensions:
59 x 86 x 5.5cm

For fridges carrying up to approx. 80 Litres volume

Inside dimensions:
51 x 83.5cm

Overall dimensions:
61 x 91 x 5.5cm

The total height of the folding ears is 10cm. All dimensions are approximate.

The fridge sliders are available in silver grey and black.