Aluminium Drawer System

Alu-Cabs heavy duty drawer system is made of Aluminium and is not only considerably lighter than other products, but is also more stable and maintenance-free. The large handle and robust lock make it easy-to-use, even while wearing gloves. The drawers, which glide easily on ball bearings, can be removed from the frame by simply pulling on the quick-release lock. After resetting the lock, they lock again automatically.

The drawers are covered with an insulating carpet on the inside of the floor and sides, as well as the wooden cover plate. The sturdy drawers, which are also suitable for commercial use, can be loaded with up to 100 kg and can also survive carefree handling without any problems.

The drawers come as a single or double drawer system, or two-storey in these dimensions:

  • Single drawer: 50 x 28.5cm
  • Single drawer: 78.5 x 28.5cm (with a depth of 103cm suitable for Land Rover Defender)
  • Double drawer: 100 x 28.5cm
  • Two-storey drawer: 50 x 54.8cm

Unless told otherwise, all drawers are available with a depth of 77.5cm, 124.5cm or 148cm. Additionally, 4cm of space should be left for the outside grip. The internal dimensions of the drawers are 42 x 22.5 cm, the depth of each drawer is the total depth minus 3.5 cm.  All dimensions are approximations.

The drawer frame can be attached, for example, at the side using mounting brackets or on the floor. Due to the sturdy construction, holes can be drilled into the Aluminium plates as required.